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Daniel majored in Writing at the University of Tampa in, you guessed it, Tampa, Florida and has interned at Study Breaks Magazine. His main focus has been on fiction writing, although he is constantly seeking to expand his skill set into other areas. These areas have included journalism, screenwriting, writing for interactive media, and various forms of non-fiction writing including narrative essays, reviews, and other forms of critique. He also has an interest in science an history and supports the Oxford comma.

While he considers himself primarily a fiction writer, his published work so far consists of journalistic pieces submitted to Study Breaks Magazine and LuvItOrLeavitt.com. These included reviews and analysis of movies, TV shows, and video games as well as interviews and themed list articles. While he considers this a major accomplishment, he continues to work on fiction in various forms.

Hand Writing




This work of short fiction is a dark fantasy set in a world ruled by gargoyles. When two young gargoyle warriors uncover a dark secret, one of them will face a terrible choice.

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Misty Woodland


In this short story, a young woman becomes convinced that her sister's death is somehow connected to an antique mirror she'd been restoring.

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A short story in the form of an aria, the narrator has some disturbing ideas about what's best for humanity.

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Camp Fire


Click here to view a full list of the nonfiction articles Daniel published for Study Breaks Magazine and here for his contributions to Luv it or Leavitt.com. Last but not least, click here to see hi game reviews on Gammicks.com.

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Castle by the Lake